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It's notoriously difficult to sell something that doesn't exist yet. The sales agents and marketing spend was necessary. However in a falling market, it's only going to get tougher. Abodable is another avenue to sell your stock, without risking your current channels.

Restricted Content Listings

Zero reference to you and lot numbers.

We know that it's important to keep your logo and build address off the public domain. It's optionally hidden until the buyer is getting close to an EOI. If you don't mind it being public, you've got the option to make it public.

Only the rebate is disclosed when the buyer has logged in.

Controlled marketing spend

We're sick of marketers calling the shots, the commission amount and cutting into your profit margin.

We believe in making houses affordable for people.

In a falling market, it's only going to become more expensive to acquire new customers. The amount you spend on marketing is in your court. Not predetermined by the marketing sharks or unknown due to fluctuating advertising spend.

Fast & Free

We want to sell your properties fast. We want to move your stock in a falling or rising market.

We will put the sale through for you, invoice you the amount you have given towards marketing then hand that back onto the client.

The rebate is on our books, not yours.

We want you to sell more

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