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Abodable is a buyer focused, online real estate brokerage.

We're a team of tech focused property investors with one goal - to make purchasing property simple, affordable and stress free.

Our Purpose

We exist to help home buyers and investors build life-changing wealth.

Trusted by Australia's top builders and developers

Our Story

We set out to build a better future for homeowners.

Abodable began with two mates working from coffee shops with nothing but old beat up computers, a hard drive and a vision to change how Australians purchase property. Fast forward 3 years later, and Abodable has given more than $700,000 back to buyers and is shaking up the property market and home ownership.

We’ve given over $700k back to buyers.

Having home buyers on our team, we've felt the sting of high prices and interest rates, only to feel worse when we've found out how much of the price is purely sales commisison. We're changing things in the industry by maximising the commission you get, rather than what we, or an agent would typically get. What's even more exciting is that we're only just getting started.

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Reviews from our buyers



Great company to deal with

Great company to deal with. Communication from the start to completion was fantastic. The team at Abodable kept me informed every step of the way and i hope to use this again in the future for another purchase. Highly recommend.


Justin & Caitlin

Abodable = Incredible

Buying through abodable was one of the greatest decisions we've made. We purchased a townhouse, right near where we are renting, in the middle of the pandemic. Buying worked out much better than renting. We're saving roughly $150 a week and paying off our own asset. When I first heard about abodable, I thought it was too good to be true. I still can’t believe that we were paid $25,000 to buy our townhouse + the first homeowners grant. I trust it completely and looking forward to buying an investment property soon!



The Better Way to Buy A House

My wife and I recently went through Abodable for our first home. They're in it for the buyer, not themselves. Between the refund we received and Abodable's dedication to helping us get what we wanted, I couldn't recommend them any higher!



Abodable is a no brainer!

All I can say is why would you buy off-the-plan properties any other way!? When I heard I could buy the exact same duplex that was being advertised elsewhere but keep $40k it sounded too good to be true. Abodable is a no brainer. They are legit shaking up the property market.



Would definitely recommend Abodable

Would definitely recommend Abodable! Wouldn’t be where I am without them. Life changing 👍🏻



This solves housing affordability

I bought an apartment on Abodable in October. The experience was fantastic and I’d never buy property anywhere else. The rebate and is the best answer for housing affordability among young people. Well done Abodable.



Confirmed, Yes you get a Rebate.

Was an excellent experience. You may think this offer is too good to be true as I did, but getting paid a rebate for purchasing through Abodable was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I received the rebate quickly and the entire process was stress free. Abodable is professional and they make sure you are satisfied throughout the transaction.



Can recommend Abodable

In 2020 we found a beautiful block of land and wanted to build but were knocked back for finance. Thats when we looked into Abodable. They were easy to deal with and found a builder and house plan that we were happy with. From then on they worked with us to get the finance all sorted. I dont think we would have been able to get through all the hurdles without their help. Only downside was the rebate was paid after handover. And this was due to the builder not Abodable.

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