Free to browse. Huge rebate when you buy.

You may think this offer is too good to be true as I did, but getting paid a rebate for purchasing through Abodable was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I received the rebate quickly and the entire process was stress free. Abodable is professional and they make sure you are satisfied throughout the transaction.

David Canty

A better way to send money.

We know what you're thinking - what's the catch?
The truth is, there is none! You are free to browse the properties on our website, and if you create an account we'll even tell you exactly how much you will get back when you buy.
On average, we give you $23,500 when you buy.
That money goes straight back to you. Hitting your bank account when you move in. We’re like the middleman of your dreams
How does Abodable make money?
We take a small fee which is taken out before the property is listed. The rebate amount you see on the property listing is all for you. You'll never get a bill from abodable, only a rebate.

We're here for you!

We believe it should be easier to buy a home.

Guaranteed Rebate
Rebates paid out

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