Free to browse,
huge rebate
when you buy.

We know what you're thinking - what's the catch?

The truth is, there is none! You are free to browse the properties on our website, and if you create an account we'll even tell you exactly how much you will get back when you buy.

On average, we give you $23,500 when you buy.

That's money that goes straight back to you. Create an account to see the exact amount you will get back for each property.

How does Abodable make money?

We have a flat fee of $5,000 which is taken out before the property is listed. The rebate amount you see on the property listing is all for you. You'll never get a bill from abodable, only a rebate.



Deducted before the listing is uploaded.

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Real estate you can trust

We value transparency at Abodable. Here's how we compare to some of our competitors.

Abodable Our competitors Traditional agent
Average customer rebate $23,500 $0 $0
First home buyer deposit required $2,000 $25,000-$45,000 $25,000-$45,000
How much we take $5k $25-$50k 2.5%