Buying a home is a big decision.

Make it a safe decision with Abodable's rebate guarantee

The Abodable rebate makes your life a touch easier by injecting cash into your life at the exact time you need it the most. There's no catch on how to get it, simply find your home on our website

To receive your rebate, you'll need to find and buy a house on The amount we give you back, is determined by the builder/developer. When they upload the property, they state the amount they're willing to dedicate to getting the property sold.

When you become unconditional on your purchase, we will invoice the builder the commission amount. The builder pays us and we pass the payment back onto you the same day. We have no interest in holding it, we'd prefer that money in your pocket so you tell your friends about abodable too!

We invoice the builder for the commission amount + GST, unfortunately we can't pass that GST back onto you unless you're buying in a entity that's registered for GST. If that's the case, please let us know.

No hidden costs

We have a zero hidden cost policy. However, throughout your process, there may be other costs that arise that you need to take into account. Such as conveyancing, Loan Mortgage Insurance (LMI), bank fees plus others.

Whats included?

  • Payment transparency. What you see is what you keep. No secrets.
  • Same Day Cash Back - We pay you the day the rebate is unlocked.
  • Optional Quality Control Inspection. Ensure your home is built to the highest industry standards

Homes on abodable are subject to certain conditions, limitations, and exclusions.

Whats not included?

  • False rental estimates
  • Property Experts
  • Trusted'
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