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What grants are available for your first home?

By Abodable July 02, 2021, Read time: 2 min

The first homeowner grant is a financial incentive given to new home builders in order for them to purchase their own property.In Queensland, the homeowner can receive $15 000 towards purchasing and building of their dream house whereas Victorians have up until now been limited to a maximum of $10,000 but with changes coming into effect on July 1st, 2018; this will be extended so that people who are buying an urban dwelling or regional Victoria might get as much as 20 thousand dollars off!

New South Wales has also implemented something like QLD such that starting from November 2017 you could claim 10 grand when entering into a contract with your builder depending upon what size property it is going up to or how far along construction stages they're at. So what's available in your state:

QLD - $15,000
VIC - $10,000 / $20,000 for homes in regional Victoria
NSW - $10,000
South Australia - $15,000
Tasmania $20,000
Northern Territory - $10,000
Western Australia - $10,000

What else is available?

You’re eligible for a commission refund when you buy the same house on Our goal is to make houses more affordable and there's a percentage of commission in each home, which we give back to you.

Abodable commission refund of an average of $20,000

So if you're in Queensland (like us), you get:

$15,000 from the government (Which also includes stamp duty reductions) & a $20,000 commission refund on top of that.

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