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Feature Release: Sort by Yield

By Abodable December 07, 2021, Read time: 1 min

One of our biggest frustrations when searching for an investment property is not being able to search for a property, based on it’s return. We’ve spent hours searching for an investment in a good location, only to call the local agent to discover that it’s heavily negatively geared or alternatively, the rental appraisal has been a biased opinion or an assumption, therefore rendered untrustworthy.
We’ve taken our frustration and we’ve built something to save your time. We’re excited to announce our sort by yield feature!
Each time a property is uploaded, it’s now coupled with a rental appraisal.
The platform calculates the yield, allowing you to search for the property in your desired location and budget that will pay you the highest return on investment.
We make the joke in the office that we like our yield how we like our beer: at least 5%! 😂
It’s a small, simple release, but it puts the power back in your hands.
Happy searching!