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How to spend your Commission Refund

By Abodable October 29, 2020, Read time: 3 min

Here at Abodable, we believe the customer always comes first. We make it easier for people like you to buy property without draining your entire savings account, by giving you a cash rebate when you buy. While we have no doubt you’ll have no trouble spending your rebate, we’ve put together some suggestions on what you can do with your cash. 
Use it as your deposit
At Abodable, we believe that anyone can buy property and we want to make it easier for you to do so. If you don’t quite have enough for your deposit, your Abodable rebate can contribute to it. That’s right, we’re literally giving you the cash to be able to buy your new home. Our average rebate is $23,000 but varies from property to property. This will save you years of saving, and allow you to buy your dream home and live your dream life sooner than planned. 

Note that this option is currently only available for selected properties. There may also be a small fee involved for us to cover your deposit. Get in touch to find out more.
Pay off your mortgage faster
A mortgage is a BIG commitment, and typically takes around 30 years to pay off. If you’re looking for a financially smart way to utilise your rebate, this is it. Using your rebate towards your mortgage will help you to pay off your mortgage faster. Anything to get you that little bit closer to officially owning your home!
Start your next investment
If you’re an aspiring property investor, why not start now? If you’ve always dreamed of investing in property, but it’s always seemed out of reach, think again. Your Abodable rebate could be enough to place a deposit on another investment property, accelerating your investment goals. This opportunity to get ahead and re-invest your rebate is too good to refuse.
Furnish your new home
Ok, now we’ve gotten to the ‘fun’ suggestions for your rebate! Every new home deserves new furniture. Your rebate could cover the cost of a new couch, dining setting, bed and more. Start fresh with new pieces that match the aesthetic of your new home, without breaking the bank.
Treat yo-self
Because let’s face it, when else are you going to be handed such a large sum of cold hard cash? Buying a home doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice other joys in your life. Dream holiday? New car? Avo on toast every morning for the next ten years? Check! Book the holiday, buy the new car, treat yourself to breakfast in your favourite cafe. This money is all yours.
There are no catches with Abodable. When you buy property, you get a rebate. It really is that simple. We want you to be able to live the life you want, without the burden of money-related stress holding you back. 

What are you waiting for? View our available properties now, or get in touch to learn more.